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ESVD offers financial support to highly motivated veterinarians from diverse geographic areas who wish to attend the annual ESVD-ECVD congress as well as European veterinarians who wish to attend the World Congress. This grant is meant to foster veterinary dermatology education in less well-funded countries and in addition it is open to all veterinarians with high interesst in veterinary dermatology, who are in a substantial financial need.

ESVD wants to help to nurture a new generation of dermatologists to bring them into our derm family. We believe that this positive energy flow raises the horizons of the whole derm community, making it bigger, fresher and richer.

Travel grant 2017 description

 The travel fellowship grant will be awarded to delegates of the 29th ESVD-ECVD congress in Lausanne, Switzerland. Date of congress: 7-9th of September 2017. More information about this congress >> The ESVD board will consider the applications, and the successful applicants will be announced May 31st 2017. The early bird (reduced fee) to attend congress expires June 30th, and successful applicants will be expected to register for congress by then. The grant amount will depend on the number of successful applicants, but will be a minimum of 300 Euros per person awarded the grant. The applicants must fulfill the following selection criteria:

Applicants should be highly motivated graduated veterinarians with a keen interest in dermatology. Diplomates in any veterinary field or residents enrolled in a formal training program are not eligible to apply.


The applicant should provide the following documentation:

  1. Completed application form with a photograph of the applicant

 2. A copy of the original veterinary degree. If the degree is not in English, an authorized translation into English is required.

 3. Proof of current country of residency 

Successful applicants if they are not already ESVD members, are required to become members of the ESVD to be eligible to receive the grant. The recipients will also commit to attend a Welcome Meeting held at the congress for the travel grant receivers, and the ESVD Annual General Meeting that takes place during the congress.

 Click the here to download the application form 

Application deadline: May 1st 2017 12pm GMT


Applications are sent to: