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Ulli Runge Harm Award

The Ulli Runge Harms Award commemorates Dr. Ulli Runge Harms, a colleague whose enthusiasm and determination for specialisation in veterinary dermatology was exemplary

Ulli Runge Harms Award Sponsored by Virbac 

This award will be presented every year to a veterinary surgeon in practice who wants to further their knowledge in veterinary dermatology. 

An amount of 1500 euros will be awarded to a veterinary surgeon who wants to undertake an internship working with a Board certified dermatologist. 

Applications should be sent to the secretary of the ESVD by December 31st 2017. Applicants will be advised if they have been successful by January 15st  

The award must be used to finance time with a Board certified Veterinary Dermatologist in Europe. No stipulation is made as to how long that time will be. 


1) Any veterinary surgeon who is a member of ESVD


2) Any veterinary surgeon working in first opinion practice who is NOT undertaking a residency programme  

The application should include 

  1.  Details of who the applicant will spend time with 
  2.  A letter from the Veterinary Dermatologist concerned to say that they are happy for a successful applicant to spent time with them
  3.  A breakdown of how the money will be spent. e.g. travel, accommodation etc. 

The applicant will be expected to give a 5 min presentation at the ESVD AGM the year after the award has been made.