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Drs Ton Willemse, Claudia von Tscharner, Didier Carlotti, Hans Koch, David Lloyd, Pierre Fourrier


Didier-Noël Carlotti 
It is with great sadness that we report the death
that occurred on November 27th 2014 of Dr Didier-Noël Carlotti. 

Didier’s contributions to the field of veterinary dermatology have been legendry.
He was a founding member of the European Society and a founding diplomate of the European
College, and served as President of both organisations. He was a key member of the Organizing
Committee of the First World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Dijon in 1989,
and was active in the organization of every World Congress since that time.
He stepped down from the Presidency of the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology
in 2012 to assume the same role in the 8th World Congress which is to be held in Bordeaux
in June 2016. In addition to this, he has had numerous “extracurricular activities”
including being President for many years of the AFVAC (Association Français des Vétérinarires
pour Animaux de Compagnie) and the FECAVA (Federation of European Companion Animal
Veterinary Associations) which he was instrumental in founding. He has been honoured by
awards from many organizations including the World Small Animal Veterinary Association
and the European Board of Veterinary Specialization. His contributions to French education
and culture had been recognised by the award of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques,
an Order of Chivalry of France for distinguished academics and figures in the world of culture
and education. Didier’s enthusiasm for dermatology was infectious, and his writings in texts
and journals have influenced so many people in all parts of the world. He loved to teach, and
has lectured in almost every country. His writings and talks have touched so many and he has
been instrumental in the development of our discipline in far flung corners of the globe.
Perhaps what endeared him most to those fortunate enough to meet and know him was his
enthusiasm for life and his determination to enjoy it to the full. This same determination was
evident in the battle he fought against his illness. He was a giant in our field and will be sorely
missed. Those of us involved in the organization of the World Congress to be held in his beloved
city of Bordeaux will be inspired by his vision and commitment and are determined to make this
the best World Congress ever. Didier will remain its President and in name and in spirit.