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ESVD Extraordinary AGM 2012

Posted: 26-09-2012 10:49


ESVD Extraordinary Annual General Meeting 2012: Proxy vote on important matter

The European Society of Veterinary Dermatology hereby gives notice of an extra-ordinary General Meeting to be held at the Southern European Veterinary Congress in Barcelona on Saturday 20th October 2012 from 15.00 – 20.00 hours (room n°2).

The Board of the ESVD will meet on Saturday October 20th to discuss and vote on 4 proposals. It is our intension to wind up the ESVD as an English Charity and transfer all assets of the ESVD after payment of liabilities to a new Charity based in Luxembourg. The aims of the new Charity will be identical to that of the current charity but it is hoped that administration of the new charity will be easier than that based in England. The board strongly suggests to move the charity as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and the English charity system is very complicated and expensive. Please download here the detailed explanation letter.

We would invite all members of the ESVD to attend the meeting to exercise their right to discuss the matter and vote on the following four resolutions:
1. That the ESVD should renounce its status as an English Charity as soon as possible
2. That the ESVD should become a new charity based in Luxembourg once it has ceased to be an English Charity
3. That the trustees (The Board) of the ESVD should act on behalf of the membership to oversee the winding up of the charity
4. That the current assets of the English Charity should be transferred after payment of liabilities to a newly established Luxembourg Charity the obectives of which are identical to the current charity.

If you are unable to attend we would ask you please to return the Proxy Vote Form to the secretary of the ESVD by post or by email (details on the proxy form).

In order to pass the resolution we need the approval of the majority and at least 30 members of the society so we would urge you exercise your voting right!

Many thanks,

ESVD Board