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ESVD Newsletter N°5, December 2012

Posted: 12-12-2012

Editor: Sandrine Herbelet      

Website manager: Ana Rostaher          

Secretariat: Pauwels Congress Organisers


Dear ESVD Members,

  • To promote our society as much as possible we suggest you to put the ESVD website link on your professional website together or without this informative text:
    “The ESVD (European Society of Veterinary Dermatology) is an active international group of veterinarians and scientists interested in veterinary dermatology in the biology and diseases of animal skin. The objectives of the ESVD are: advancement of high clinical standards, research support, promotion of discussion and information sharing. The ESVD provides also a variety of outstanding educational and professional development resources”.
  • Svetlana Belova has opened a school for Veterinary Dermatology. Please have a look at >>
  • Do not miss the next Dermatopathology Workshop in Cremona, from 15-18 May 2013:
  •  A Conference in Veterinary Dermatology for Young Vets and Students will take place in Vienna (location University of Veterinary Medicine), on July 13th and 14th 2013. We are looking forward to meet many motivated young vets from all around Europe.

For questions concerning the content or messages (2 sentences max.) to be put in the following Newsletter, please contact

Best regards, On behalf of the ESVD Board, 

Dr. Luc Beco 
ESVD President