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Posted: 01-03-2013

PURPOSE: To enable veterinarians from geographically remote countries with limited access to continuing education in veterinary dermatology to acquire additional knowledge and skills to advance veterinary dermatology in their geographic region.

DESCRIPTION: The following program provides funding for travel to ESVD-EVCD in Valencia 2013. The travel fellowship grant consists of 600 Eur, which will be awarded to delegates of this congress. The applicants must fulfill the following selection criteria:
1. Be an ESVD member
2. NOT be board-certified or resident in any discipline
3. Be 30 years or older
4. Living and practicing in a European country with a gross domestic product less than 30,000 US$ per capita in IMF 2010 classification click here for more info >>

In case of a limited budget, the grants will be given on first-come, first served basis. New applicants or non-successful applicants from last year will be privileged. In case of not enough applicants, last years applicants can be also awarded.

APPLICATION PROCES: All applications must include:
o    A completed application form (pdf or word file)
o    A curriculum vitae
o    A proof of age (Copy of the passport or identity card)
o    A professional proof (Copy of veterinary diploma or licence or state exam)


Travel fellowship application forms (clic icon)
PDF pdf
PDF word

Ana Rostaher, DVM, diplECVD
ESVD member at large