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ESVD Newsletter No 24, July 2014

Posted: 08-07-2014

Editor: Sandrine Herbelet     
Website manager: Ana Rostaher        
Secretariat: Pauwels Congress Organisers

Dear ESVD Members,

  • The first ESVD webinar will be held on Monday July 28th 2014 at 12 am Central Europe time. Dr. Peter Hill will speak about the recent advances in the management of atopic dermatitis. The event is live, giving the opportunity to ask questions to our speaker. Only 100 places are available, reserve your webinar seat at >>
    We have more registrations than seats; for those unable to log in on July 28th, we will add the webinar on our website afterwards.

  • The 27th ESVD-ECVD congress will be held in Salzburg, Austria from 11-13th September 2014. Registration at >>
    The ESVD AGM will be held on Friday 12th September at our Annual Congress in Salzburg. All members of ESVD are welcome to attend. This year we would like to remember any colleagues, during the AGM, who have been lost during the preceding 12 months. Dr Stephen White will be joining us to speak to the memory of Professor Peter Ihrke. If you have dermatology colleagues who you would like us to mention or would like to speak to their memory please let us know. 
  • The Clinical Pathology Workshop (mycology, parasitology, cytology with microscope sessions) is organized by Prof. Patrick Bourdeau and Dr. Vincent Bruet at the Veterinary School of Nantes (France) from 13 to 15 November 2014. Registration at >>
  • All European non-ESVD national congresses and meetings are available at Please send information you would like to be mentioned there at
  • For the Ulli Runge Harms Award and ECVD residency vacancies, please check here >>
    Job vacancies can be found under “news” at, main page. There is a new position for a board pathologist in France!
  • For questions concerning the content or messages (2 sentences max.) to be put in the following Newsletter, please contact


Best regards, 

On behalf of the ESVD Board, 

Dr. Sue Paterson 
ESVD President