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Membership is open to all veterinarians who are interested in veterinary dermatology.
Types of membership:                                             

Annual Membership + online access and paper copy of Journal of Vet Dermatol 
 EURO 160,-
Annual Membership + online access to Journal of Vet Dermatol  EURO 120,-
Annual Membership, reduced fee  EURO 120,-

 Applicable for undergraduates, applicants who graduated less than 3 years ago and for dermatology residents.
Please send documentary evidence that you are eligible for this discount to after you have made your payment. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is eligable.

  Apply for or renew your membership here!

Consent Form

All new members must complete the Membership Consent Form. If you are a ESVD member, but if you have not yet completed the consent form, please do so as soon as possible. If the consent form is not completed and returned, the membership status has not been achieved.
Applicants may be asked to provide evidence that they have graduated with a qualification that enables them to work as a vet.
Applications for membership shall be approved by the ESVD Board of Directors. The consent form needs to include a original signature
Download the Consent form (please note that the consent form is not the registration form, the consent form needs to be filled out after you have completed the online registration via the link above) and please return the original document to: or via fax 031 (0)43 - 321 43 70 

Duration of the ESVD membership

The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Regardless when you become a member, you are required to pay the full annual fee for that year, and you will receive all copies of Veterinary Dermatology published that year. For example, if you join in October you will receive all copies of Veterinary Dermatology published in that year and the remaining issues for that year. You will then be asked for the next year’s subscription in the following January. If we do not receive the membership fee by January 15th, you will no longer be a member of ESVD, you will not have any voting rights at general meetings, and you will be required to re-apply for membership the next year.

For questions concerning membership, please contact the ESVD Secretariat: